Monday, August 6, 2012

Another meaning for Timing is Everything

The first issue I’m really running into is time.

While I want to work on this, I need to balance my life so I don’t get overloaded.  I’ve done that before and I know it’s not good.  I read a quote once from …. About how he’d put so much of his life into his projects and that maybe it was time to make a family his next project.

I don’t want to think of family and friends as projects, but as part of my normal life.  So I’m trying to break the entrepreneur mold and fit the work I need to do into my normal hours.  I could easily stay up late or wake up earlier, but I know it will take a toll on other aspects of my life.  And I’m not willing to do that right now.

Even with this issue, I did manage to get a couple hours of time in yesterday.  I decided to concentrate on some more products that I want to feature, instead of the copy for the website that I need to do, or any of the other planning.  I will aim to finish the products tonight and then spend the rest of the week getting the site and my plans together.

And that sounds like a plan.

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